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Deferred publications to the channel​

Schedule an unlimited number of posts using the schedule. Select a date on the calendar, add text, images, or videos, and the posts will appear at the right time in the right channel.

Variety of publications

When scheduling posts in PressCode, use every possible type of post: images, video, poll, quiz, etc.

Add buttons to posts

You can add buttons below the publication, too: reactions, "Share", a button to go to the site, a hidden continuation for subscribers only, and others!

Repetitive publications

For periodic publication of important posts, set up a schedule with a few clicks, without copying the same post multiple times.

Actions with already published posts

Select the actions that will be performed on the post automatically at the designated time. For example, add a comment, react, attach the post, etc.

Anti-cheat protection

PressCode has a built-in tool to protect your channel from attacks, scamming, or bot infestation. Such attacks are harmful for the channel: Telegram may think that you are cheating your subscribers.

The following negative consequences are possible: decrease of publication coverage, dropping of the channel from search, appearance of the "SCAM" tag, etc.


шаг 1

Link the bot to PressCode

шаг 2

Make a bot an administrator in the channel

шаг 3

Activate automatic protection

Lead magnet!

Users see Ads but don't subscribe to your closed channel? Offer useful content that you give away in exchange for a subscription. These lead magnets can be created directly in PressCodeBot.

Create useful content

It can be a manual, a guide, a checklist, a tutorial, or something that will be very useful to your readers

Configure PressCode

Add a new invite link to the channel, set up an auto-response and connect the link to download content

Now you can rest!

The lead magnet will work on its own: PressCode will send new subscribers the promised content after they subscribe

Invitation links

Allows you to track activity on the invitation links you've created. This is an important feature for evaluating the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

The settings are flexible: for example, when using PressCode in a closed channel, you can set up different automatic greetings with the right information, ads and content.

step 1

Create a new link to go to the channel

step 2

Post it in a separate promotional message

step 3

Track the necessary parameters of subscribers' activity from each advertising source!


Keep track of key channel metrics

- how many subscribers have been added;
- how many people unsubscribed from the channel;
- how many views the posts have had; how many people have unsubscribed from the channel;
- number of reposts;
- number of comments;
- statistics of advertising publications.


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