Deferred publications to the channel

Plan an unlimited number of posts per channel. Select a date in the calendar, add text, image or video and the publications themselves will appear at the right time in the right place.

Variety of publications

Add images, videos, a survey or a quiz to the post. Configure the buttons under the publication.

Recurring publications

For periodic posts set up a schedule in a few clicks without multiple copying.

Actions on published posts

Select the actions that will be performed automatically at the appointed time. For example, adding comments, reactions, fixing a post, and others.

Invitation links

Allow you to track the activity of subscribers in the channel​

step 1

Create a link

step 2

Publish it in the channel's advertisement

step 3

Track the movement of the number of subscribers


Track channel parameters

How many subscribers have been added

How many people unsubscribed from the channel

Number of post views

Number of reposts

Number of comments

Advertising publication statistics


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