Hello, this is the PressCode team!

The @ChatKeeperBot team has developed @PressCodeBot, a delayed posting service for Telegram channels.

The functionality of various bots is now available in one service! Creation and scheduling of a post is implemented both in the bot itself and in the web-version.

PressCode has important tools in addition to the standard functions:

1. wide possibilities of invites-links for analyzing your advertising campaigns.
Analyze your advertising campaigns and estimate how many new users came and went from each created link.

2. automatic publication of recurring posts, polls, quizzes, and albums.

3. Attention to users’ reactions.
For example, when a post gets a certain number of “eyes”, likes or comments, you can automatically send a comment, delete the post, etc.

Tools for working with regular and new subscribers.
For example, create links and continuation of posts that will be visible, or only new or old users can follow them.

5. A wide range of tools for working with the channel’s loyal audience.
For example, continuation of a post for regular channel subscribers.

A lot of exclusive functionality ahead to help the professional administrator.

💣 And most importantly. Channel owners with up to 1000 subscribers can use the service for free!