PressCode Updates of July 12, 2022

Announcing several important updates to @PressCodeBot.

❗️There are now more options available when using invit-links

We’ve added a few important settings at once for the effective use of invite links. Now owners of private channels can set up automatic acceptance of requests for users who have followed an invit-link, check users before joining the channel, and also set up the possibility of joining only by pressing a button (to protect yourself against attacks, for example). You can find the new settings in the “Invitation Links” section.

❗️Edit or delete posts you’ve already published

Have you planned and published a breaking news story, but haven’t had time to fact-check it? Or a rebuttal came in and you need to add an official commentary right away? No problem: We’ve added the ability to edit and delete posts you’ve already published to @PressCodeBot. Go to the “Posts” section, click on the publication of interest in the schedule – the new “Edit” and “Delete” buttons at the bottom of the menu.

❗️Do not comment on individual posts

You understand that certain topics in the channel cause an inappropriate and heated discussion, but you can’t ignore such topics or turn off comments completely? We’ve added an option to disable comments under certain posts. When creating a new post in the PressCode web version, click the “Open advanced settings” drop-down menu and activate the “Disable comments” item.

❗️ Leave the ability to communicate only in the comments under the post

A part of your active audience has become friends and no longer comes to your channel and doesn’t discuss your latest posts because they like to chat more? In this case a new function can help you: in your PressCode personal cabinet go to the channel settings and activate the item “Disable sending messages to the channel chat”.

❗️Disallow non-subscribers from leaving comments

There are often heated discussions in the comments to the posts, but the participants of the discussion are in no hurry to subscribe to the channel? We can help: go to the channel settings in your personal cabinet and turn on the option “Only channel subscribers can leave comments”.

The new features are already available, try it:

Your @PressCodeBot 🕶