The big PressCode update, part 1

Important updates, part 1 📣

Friends, here are a few important updates to @PressCodeBot.

❗️The name of the “Styles” section has changed to “Templates” as the functionality of the section has expanded:

– added additional settings in the template creation menu that will automatically apply to future postings (secure post, disable link previews or publication notifications, etc.);

– we have added a new parameter “Content protection”: now you will be able to forbid forwarding and saving messages from the channel;

– now you can set the post price, so it’s easier to track your income from ad posts. And promotional posts are now marked in the calendar with a special icon;

– added possibility to mark posts created by means of templates with different colors: now when working with the publications timetable you will understand from preview what kind of posts you see (advertising, sales, informational etc.);

– and one more innovation of this section. Now you can configure right in the template to send the first comment under your post! Other actions are available, too: for example, you can automatically unlink your post 72 hours after publication. You’ll find new features in the Add Post Actions menu in Templates.

“Templates” will save you more time. It’s enough to create a template for the type of publication you want once, and in the future add only text and media to your posts. All necessary buttons, link blocks and settings will be applied automatically. And another thing: you can apply templates even to manually published posts!

❗️Added access rights to manage your PressCode account. You can now add bot administrators and editors to work together. You set the rights for each new user.

❗️Another important new feature, we add the “Publications Timeline” section in the channel settings. Now it will take less time to create a content plan. After setting up the section, all your posts or those suggested by the editors will be automatically scheduled in the nearest available slot. There are two types of slots in the “Publication Schedule”: for advertising publications and for regular posts.

Hello to the most attentive! The title says it right: this post is just the first part of the description of the new and important features of PressCode. The next news about the extended functionality of the bot will be published very soon.

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