The big PressCode update, part 2

Important updates, part 2 📣

As promised, we are sharing with you news about another extension in the functionality of the only professional tool for delayed posting and channel management in Telegram – @PressCodeBot.

❗️We’ve added a mechanism to eliminate the consequences of unwanted tweaks. Here’s an example of how to use it: you advertised in a third-party channel and were “poured” with bots. Unwanted subscribers can now be automatically removed within a specified period – a few clicks are required. The new settings are available in the “Channel settings” and “Invitation links” sections.

❗️A new feature we’re proud of. A full-featured preview of a post is now displayed while creating a post (or when viewing an already scheduled post). The preview looks as if the post has already been published in Telegram, so we replicated the messenger interface right in the PressCode web version!

❗️A host of innovations awaits users who work with media all the time. Watermarks can now be applied not only to images, but also to videos, animations and even “circular videos”.

And you can also select the degree of video compression when uploading (with an indication of the size).

❗️By the way, about Video Note. For content specialists working with “rounds” is a problem: the built-in functionality in messenger allows you to shoot such short videos from only one take, they are published automatically. It is not possible to take several takes, re-mount or trim them with the help of Telegram.

But you can do it with PressCode. Just upload a pre-made video up to 60 seconds long (vertical or horizontal): PressCode will trim it to the “circle” itself and post it as a Video Note. Just make sure the important content is centered in the video.

Your @PressCodeBot 🕶