Telegram posts: rules for writing and formatting content

When deciding to publish a new post in Telegram, we should not forget that the content should be useful and unique. Today there are many channels in the network, the owner of each of which is trying to stand out among competitors and attract the attention of the audience.

To do this, the channel is packaged, and the posts in the telegram are made in accordance with the chosen theme and design.

Types of posts

Content for online channels most often contains text. However, in order for it to be interesting to subscribers, it is recommended to pay attention to the ways of making posts in the telegram:

  • With a picture above the text. The standard version of the publication, for the creation of which it is necessary to prepare photographic materials in advance and come up with a signature. This type of content is suitable only for short, informative posts: the social network sets limits on the number of characters – no more than 1,024 characters.
  • A long post with an image. In order to publish unlimited text, you will have to use a bot. The file size cannot be more than 5 MB, and the text length can be up to 4,096 characters.
  • Album – the ability to publish several files at once – no more than 10 – with one accompanying message.
  • Slideshow – multiple media files with transition effects. To create an animation, you will also need to use a bot.

The choice of the type of post directly depends on what it is published for: for informational content, it will be enough to choose a standard or a long post. If the channel is used to promote goods and services, it is recommended to give preference to albums and animated content.

Rules for writing posts

  • When composing posts for telegram channels, regardless of the type of publication chosen, it is important for the author to follow a number of simple rules:
    Informal texts from 1 person. An open expression of one’s own opinion is always interesting to the public and inspires confidence. In addition, it is recommended to share personal experience with the audience and be sure to indicate authorship under each of the posts.
  • Uniqueness. Despite the fact that the social network allows you to publish materials obtained on other resources, it is much more interesting for the audience to read what no one has seen yet.
  • Formatting. It is important to keep paragraphs and indents, lists, highlights of important points, as well as use intriguing headings.
    In order for the post to be more emotional and similar to a personal message, do not forget about stickers and emojis.