What is a chatbot

Let's start with the main thing, and understand the terms. A chat bot in Telegram is a messenger bot that responds to messages from users on its own.

The chat-bot is always online and responds to the interlocutor immediately, at any time of the day or night. This is an important tool for business: you can optimize communication with customers.

What tasks for business will help to solve the chatbot

  • Store in Telegram: a showcase of products and the ability to pay online;
  • 24/7 technical support;
  • Limited access to the channel or content (paid subscription);
  • An informational guide, a demonstration of features, a tutorial or guide;
  • Selling courses, indoor club seats, reservations, etc;
  • And many other issues: the settings are flexible.

Create your own chatbot

By the way, we also created bots to demonstrate the new PressCode features (yes, you can use them that way too).
Select the scenario you're interested in and run the bot - it will write right away!

Store and Products

Store and Products

With PressCode, it is now possible to organize a full-fledged store directly in Telegram. Sales will be handled by a bot with the help of configured scripts and auto-replies.

All you need to do is connect the cash register and add products! And managers will be able to join the dialog between the user and the bot at any moment.

Run the demonstration scenario
Technical support in Telegram

Technical support in Telegram

Work with clients will become much simpler: just create a separate chat room, add employees and a bot there. That's it, technical support is created!

Now, when a customer sends a message to the bot, any of the chat participants can quickly respond on behalf of the bot.

The manager can click just one button - and the user will get the prepared auto-reply right away. Convenient!

Run the demonstration scenario
Paid subscription

Paid subscription

This feature is long-awaited: We've been asked to add it more than once. Course authors, bloggers, analysts, authors of closed communities - it will now be easier for these and other professionals to monetize their content!

Here's how it works:

  • Create a closed channel;
  • add a bot there, create a subscription product and a checkout;
  • create a script with subscription verification and sales.

That's it! You don't need to do anything else. Generate content and earn, PressCode will take care of the rest.

Run the demonstration scenario

How it works

We've designed the tool so that anyone can create a chatbot without any special training.
It will take you a couple of minutes to get the hang of it and use PressCode's features 100%. Check it out: it's really simple!

Rate and features

We decided that everything should be fair: we have only one rate and full access to all functions.

  • All chatbot features
  • Creating your own commands
  • Paid subscription to channel, chat or content
  • Adding products and cash registers, accepting payments
  • User cards, adding properties
  • The license is provided per bot
  • The number of channels is unlimited