1. What this Privacy Policy regulates.

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the PC) regulates relations related to the processing of all information, including personal data, in the sense that they are defined by the legislation of the Russian Federation (hereinafter referred to as Personal Information), which the Contractor and/or its affiliates may receive from the User in the process of using automation tools, in information and telecommunication networks, when receiving services through the interfaces of the PRESSCODE.APP WEBSITE (hereinafter referred to as – Website) located at: https://presscode.app / and other subdomains, paid and free functionality of the Service (hereinafter referred to as the Service). The Contractor may receive Personal Information from its partners, sites, programs, products or services used by the User (for example, from advertisers, but not limited to them), Messengers. In such cases, the transfer of Personal Information is possible only in cases established by applicable law.

The User should be careful, because the use of the Site and the Service, its paid and free functionality, may be governed by additional conditions that may make additions and / or changes to this PC, and / or contain special conditions regarding Personal Information posted in the relevant sections of the documents for the Site and / or Service.

2. The person processing the information.

To ensure access to the functionality of the Service, uninterrupted receipt of paid services, the User’s Personal information is collected and used by the Contractor – Dmitry I. Titkov, an individual entrepreneur registered and acting under the legislation of the Russian Federation, registered at the address: Russian Federation, 353900, Krasnodar Territory, Novorossiysk, Lenin Ave., 53, sq. 33 or its affiliated a person providing the relevant Service in other jurisdictions. You can find information about which person provides a particular service in the User Agreements or other terms of use of the corresponding Service.

3. The purpose of this PC.

The purpose of this PC is to ensure the protection of the User’s Personal Information. In this regard, when receiving the services of the Contractor when using the PRESSCODE.APP Website and the functionality of the Service, the Contractor protects and processes the User’s Personal Information in strict accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Guided by the Contractor’s obligation to protect the User’s Personal Information, the Contractor, in this PC, most fully informs the User about the following:

1) why and how the Contractor collects and uses/processes the User’s Personal Information;

2) the scope of duties of the Contractor as a person who has the right to engage in entrepreneurial activity and has the right to make decisions on the methods and purposes of processing the User’s Personal Information;

3) tools available to the User to reduce the amount of information collected by the Contractor about the User;

4) the range of User rights within the processing of Personal Information.

4. Personal information about the User collected by the Contractor.

The information about the User received by the Contractor in the process of using the functionality of the Service on the PRESSCODE.APP Website may vary and depends on whether you use a Messenger Account to access the functionality of the Service or log in via a multifunctional Telegram moderator bot provided via the @chatkeeperbot Bot on the Site https://presscode.app . When the User logs into his Account, the information collected about the User by the Contractor during the use of the Site and the functionality of the Service may be compared and associated with other Personal Information (such as contact details, gender, if they were provided to the Contractor, but not limited to the above) collected by the Contractor as part of the User’s use of his Account. The Contractor does not verify the Personal Information provided by the User, except in cases stipulated by the User Agreement and/or other terms of use of the Service functionality, cannot judge its reliability, as well as whether you have sufficient authority to provide the User’s Personal Information. However, the Contractor assumes that the User provides reliable and sufficiently complete Personal Information, and also updates it in a timely manner if it changes.

The Contractor may collect the following categories of Personal Information about the User while using the functionality of the Service and the Site:

1) Personal information provided by the User during registration (creating an Account in the Messenger), such as last name, first name, login, User language code, User ID, but not limited to the list (if applicable to the circumstances);

2) Personal information provided by the User during registration and/or authorization, questioning on the PRESSCODE.APP Website (creating an Account in the Service), such as last name, first name, phone number, address and age, but not limited to the list;

3) Electronic data (HTTP headers, IP address, cookies, web beacons/pixel tags, browser ID data, hardware and software information);

4) date and time of access to the functionality of the Service and the Site;

5) information about a particular User activity during the use of the functionality of the Service and the Site;

6) other information about the User that is available and necessary for processing in accordance with the conditions governing the use of the Service functionality and the Contractor’s Website directly;

7) information about the User that the Contractor receives from Partners (if applicable to the current situation) in accordance with the terms of contracts and agreements concluded between the User and the relevant Partner, as well as contracts and agreements concluded between the Contractor and the Partner.

It should be noted that the Contractor does not receive the User’s personal data from the Messenger, it is not possible to clearly identify the received data with any particular person, since the:

– the User’s name in the Message is a pseudonym, its choice is limited by the User’s imagination, it also cannot be interpreted as the real name and/or surname of the User, it cannot be identified with any particular person;

– the unique User identifier within the Messenger is a certain number of the alias registration in the Messenger system, this identifier does not make it possible to determine the address and/or geolocation of the User, as well as any other data that allows identifying them with any particular person;

– the User’s image is an Avatar, a public graphical representation of the User, where the content of the image is limited to the User’s imagination, the User personally places such an image in the public space, but it is impossible to establish the fact that this image belongs directly to a specific person who is a User.

Such information gives the Performer the opportunity to identify only the Account in the Messenger system, and not a specific person.

No information provided by the Messenger with the consent of the Account owner gives the Contractor the opportunity to determine its belonging to a particular territorial jurisdiction.

In this case, in order to personalize the Account, the Contractor questionnaires the User. The collected information is used for the purpose of fulfilling the terms of the Contract and for the period of its validity.

For example, the Contractor may collect and process Personal Information received from the User: at the time of registration / authorization; when making purchases; when the User subscribes to the Contractor’s newsletters; when the User responds to surveys or marketing messages; when the User views the Site or uses the available functionality of the Service.

It should be noted that the Contractor uses cookies and web beacons (including pixel tags) to collect Personal Information and link such information to the User’s device and web browser (in accordance with section 11 of this PC).

The Contractor does not purposefully collect special personal data (for example, health information, racial origin, biometric data, political views). At the same time, the User has the opportunity to independently provide this or that Personal Information to the Contractor, in which case the Contractor will process it as part of the provision of services to provide the functionality of the Service. At the same time, the User must take into account that the Contractor cannot request the User’s consent to such processing, since he is not aware in advance of the likely sensitive nature of the Personal Information that the User can provide to the Contractor.

By collecting data, the Contractor does not seek to form an “image” of the User to the extent that this may significantly affect his rights and freedoms in accordance with applicable law.

The Contractor does not violate the rights of the User who has used the “Do not Track” (DNT) browser functionality and does not track the signal, does not set cookies, does not use advertising. In this case, the User does not have the opportunity to use the PRESSCODE.APP Website and the functionality of the Service.

In accordance with applicable law, the Contractor does not accept or process Personal Information from minors, including children under 13 years of age. The Contractor does not offer goods and/or services to minors, including children under the age of 13.

5. Legal basis and purposes of processing Personal information about the User.